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Hello Every time i play mp3s on my media player the application flickers and i constantly get the 'not responding'message. Ant thoughts how to fix the problem?

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Is there a download link to reinstall media player from scratch? Many Thanks Mario Angelopoulos I don't have solution to fix your WMP12. If you have exhausted the search for a solution, perhaps you would give VLC Media Player a try. VLC can play almost all types of file formats while WMP is restricted with limited file formats it can support. VLC can also play DVDs so you don't need to find another program to play DVDs. VLC for Windows.

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Find out how to get Windows Media Player 11 for Windows XP and Windows Vista and Windows Media Player 12 for Windows 7 and Windows 8. Windows Media Player is available for the Windows, Windows Mobile, and Mac operating systems. Learn more about the Player based on the operating system that you have.

Hey, I haven't had Windows 7 Long, but over the last past week i have beein oraganising my Itunes library and thouroughly cleaned out and correctly labeled all my music with correct Artist/Album/Album art (Artwork is embedded by the way with a few handy tools i have found). But, the problem is, I wanted to be able to use Windows Media Player 12 too, cause in my opinion it seems to use less resources and doesn't slow down as much BUT! Over atleast 50% of my music is in the Itunes format.m4a. And i seem to be having problems importing them to the library. I know that WM12 is meant to have Compatibility and i have tested this by renaming a.m4a to the extension mp4. And after doing that it seems to add fine to WM12 Library.

But is there any way around this of not having to rename every m4a i have got with mp4??? Visio For Windows 7. And if i do have to resort to doing this, will this affect Itunes by any chance?

Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am sure others have come across this but gave up in frustration. Hostagemaster. XD StruggleZ! Ooooh, I will give this a shot, can i just ask one more thing if you guys happen to know the answer, This is quoted also from Sharks Website but i am sure i saw it quoted off others too. 'The Windows 7 Codecs offered here do not change or interfere with the support Microsoft has provided concerning native codec support in 12 and Media Center' From my understanding, i thought that is what they implemented.

So we didn't have to need any other codecs, Heh. Ok, I have now installed your codecs but it hasn't gotten me alot further, all it has done is made my Default player for.m4a files WMP12. How do i get it to arrange all my meta data under the library and not under 'other Media' Cause under the 'other Media' tab, it is missing the Artist and Album sort by arrangements, and only lists the name of the song alphabeticaly. Similar help and support threads Thread Forum I subscribe to a site which was fine when I had Windows Vista. I have just got a new computer with Windows 7 installed. I have tried to open the website but I get the following message - Windows Media Player is not installed or was not correctly registered as a plug-in.