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Tunep UtilityTuneup Utility 2016 Key

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Tunep Utility

TuneUp Utilities 2014 Start Center TuneUp Utilities Initial release 1997; 21 years ago ( 1997) 2015 (v15.0.1001.238) (November 30, 2014; 3 years ago ( 2014-11-30)),,,, and 27.0 Available in English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Japanese and Russian Website AVG TuneUp, previously called AVG PC Tuneup, and TuneUp Utilities, is a suite for designed to help manage, maintain, optimize, configure and troubleshoot a computer system. It was produced and developed by TuneUp Software GmbH, headquartered in, Germany, and co-founded by Tibor Schiemann and Christoph Laumann in 1997.

In 2011, acquired TuneUp Software. As of 2017, thirteen major versions of TuneUp Utilities have been released and the number of included components have been increased from sixteen to thirty five. TuneUp Utilities has attained generally positive reviews, although multiple reviewers did not approve of its price for value. This section needs additional citations for. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

(October 2016) () AVG PC TuneUp consists of 30 different components, all of which can be accessed from within a central hub, called TuneUp Start Center. Most of these components can also be invoked from the. TuneUp Start Center itself can show the components either in a category view (default) or in a list view.

Status and recommendations [ ] The Status and recommendations category houses four sub-sections: 1-Click Maintenance, Performance Optimizer, Fix Problems and Live Optimization. The 1-Click Maintenance section runs multiple routine maintenance tools at once. The Performance Optimizer and Fix Problems utilities are intended to provide tips to identify and fix potential problems and increase performance, such as disabling unnecessary visual effects and disabling or removing unused Windows services and programs.

Live Optimization, according to the application's author, is intended to improve the responsiveness of Windows applications by tweaking their. TuneUp Utilities 2012 in list view mode, showing all of its 30 components. System optimizations [ ] The Optimize system section includes TuneUp Program Deactivator, which unloads programs from memory and prevents their further automatic execution, an alternative to them. While disabled programs continue to consume disk space, they no longer affect the startup time, the shutdown time and the system performance.

Other components include a tool, a, and a startup manager to replace. Disk cleanup [ ] The Gain disk space section itself is a disk cleanup component which replaces. It also gives access to TuneUp Disk Space Explorer (a ) and TuneUp Shredder (a tool). Firefox Older Versions For Windows 7.

Troubleshooting tools [ ] The Fix problems section provides access to TuneUp Repair Wizard which allows users to selectively repair problems that TuneUp Utilities cannot automatically detect, e.g., icons getting corrupted or items like My Computer and Recycle Bin having permanently vanished from Windows Desktop. Also in this category, there is TuneUp Disk Doctor. It can check the integrity of files stored on and salvage damaged files. It can also scan for physical defects known as and isolate them.

TuneUp Disk Doctor is a replacement for Windows. Other items include a, a system information tool and an tool. Windows customization [ ] The last section provides access to TuneUp Styler and TuneUp System Control.

TuneUp System Control is a program that allows access to some of the obscure or harder-to-access settings of Microsoft Windows, similar to. TuneUp Styler allows for customization of the Windows user interface by changing the,, and the logon and startup screens. Turbo Mode [ ] The Turbo Mode, accessible from the bottom of Start Center, gives system a performance boost by temporarily disabling some of Windows services and features of the user's choice, such as themes and visual effects.