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6 Useful Clipboard Tips in Windows 7. 6 Useful Clipboard Tips in Windows 7. Tip #3: Sharing Clipboard between a local computer and remote desktop. Turns out the problem is coming from a little process called rdpclip. Rdpclip (remote desktop clipboard) is responsible for managing a shared clipboard between your local host and the remote desktop (the process runs on the remote machine not your local host). Example 1: Get the content of the clipboard and display it to the command-line PS C: >Get-Clipboard This is a test string. This command displays the contents of the clipboard to the command-line. Is it possible to copy and paste inside a Remote Desktop Connection session? But also notes the clipboard option. – huggie Jan 14 '10 at 7. 'Remote Desktop'.

• When connected in Full Control mode, you can exchange text clipboard information between the remote and local computers using the 'Get Clipboard' and 'Set Clipboard' functions of the. To transfer clipboard information from a local computer to a remote computer: • Connect to the remote computer using the. • Select the 'Set Clipboard' menu item. Text information from the local clipboard will be sent to the remote clipboard. To transfer clipboard information from remote computer to local computer: • Connect to the remote computer using the. Able Publisher. • Select the 'Get Clipboard' menu item.

Text information from the remote clipboard will be sent to the local clipboard.

Remote Clipboard

I am using a Windows 7 laptop and frequently log in to my remote server running Windows 2008. I connect to local drives from the remote server to copy big files from local computer to the remote server.

Sometimes I need to copy paste text using clipboard to remote computer. Copy pasting works pretty well from my desktop or laptop to the server without any problems, if you are using recent versions of remote desktop. However, once in a while I get a problem with the clipboard sharing with the remote computer. If I copy some text from the local computer in the clipboard and try to paste it in the remote computer using Remote Desktop, it will not paste anything.

It shows that there is no text in the clipboard. Are facing the same problem with clipboard sharing and copy paste not working for you while using remote desktop? Here is the solution to this problem: How to solve copy paste not working issue in Remote Desktop? The clipboard sharing is handled using a small application running on the remote machine, called ' RDPCLIP.EXE'. If this application fails to do the job, your clipboard sharing will stop working and you will not be able to copy paste text, data or files from local computer to remote server using remote desktop connection.

Here is how you can solve this problem: 1. Login to remote computer using Remote Desktop (RDP) 2. Open Task Manager in the remote machine 3. Click the 'Process' tab 4.

Locate a program called 'rdpclip.exe' 5. Right click and select 'End process' to kill this program 6. Click on 'File' menu in the task manager and select 'New Task (Run)' 7. Type rdpclip.exe and press the button to start the process. By killing existing instance of the rdpclip.exe and restarting the program, you can get your copy paste work again in your remote desktop.

If the above steps do not resolve the copy paste and clipboard not working in remote desktop problem, please post your comments below. We can explore other options to resolve this. In my case, the above simple steps solved the problem and I am able to use copy paste as usual.

Guest Author: Clipper 25 Jun 2013 If killing/restarting rdpclip.exe does not work for you. Start Remote Desktop Session Host Configuration (tsconfig.msc), go to the properties of the RDP-Tcp session and on the Client Settings tab make sure that Clipboard Redirection is unchecked. You will need to disconnect and reconnect for the change to take effect.

You may still need to kill/restart rdpclip.exe. If that still doesn't work for you.

Go to the Group Policy Management Console. In Computer Configuration Policies Administrative Templates Windows Components Terminal Services Terminal Server Device and Resource Redirection and make sure that the 'Do not allow Clipboard redirection' setting is Disabled. REF: 'Device and Resource Redirection' on MSDN. Guest Author: Haynes 11 Nov 2013 Hi All, I hope this helps some of you.

After a lot of research, I noticed that my paste issue only occurred when I had my browser running. It transpired, that is was when any browser (Firefox, Safari, IE, etc) was running. Long story short, it was my Webroot security software blocking some of my programs which were attempting to read the Clipboard.

It makes sense, I have a browser open so I wouldn't want an untrusted application gaining access to my clipboard as it may contain a password. I just hadn't realized that it was doing this.

When I disabled the Protect Clipboard Data option, everything worked again. Webroot prompted me to disallow / allow a particular program to access the clipboard, with an option to remember my choice. Modern Combat Pc Games. So, I gave certain programs permission and then switched the protection option back on, as I think that it is a great feature.

I would guess that other security suites use this methodology so if you are experiencing paste issues, you may find it beneficial to check your security suites settings. Guest Author: Ragnar 05 Feb 2015 In some cases nothing will work except rebooting the server at fault. Some times it isn't an option so you'll have restort to save the information to files to transport back and forth. This is one of the world oldest bugs still at large. Almost 2 decades old. Few years ago I found information that Microsoft has no intentions to fix this bug. It has to do with some kind of resource limitation or leaks.

There are several data structures that haven't changed since the beginning of RDP, when memory was expensive en every free KB mattered. Some of the cause problems in high resolutions and when you have loaded Remote Desktop Servers.

No bug has cost my more wasted hours the last 15 years, it's in the hundreds.