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Regcure WareRegcure Ware

You should keep RegCure Pro installed because it is the best reg cleaner there is, BUT only when used by experienced users! You should not keep RegCure installed because it is usless unless you purchase the complete items there is freeware that does the job I'm not sure that this.

Regcure Ware

Perhaps you’ve already heard of? Founded in Alaska in 2004 the company has come a long way and, thanks to some remarkable software created over the years, have been able to partner with some of the biggest names in the tech industry, such as Microsoft – which means their software is Windows exclusive – Amazon Web Services and Intel. In fact, it was the company’s first program, anti-spyware SpyZooka, that changed industry standards and awarded ZookaWare with a number of prizes. But most important of all was how it planted an inception – Leonardo DiCaprio style – in the minds of computer users in recognizing the necessity of protection software other than a simple antivirus.

That’s what ZookaWare’s PC Cleaner – named after the company it comes from – is intended for. It is one of the world’s best tools in its class, allowing for the detection and removal of registry errors as well as other computer menaces too, such as DLL errors or browser tracking cookies, all in the greatest of fashions in a simple and visually attractive client. ZookaWare offers its program for free forever – though its options are limited to scanning – and like any top company the customer support shows a committed effort, with America-based support options. Features ZookaWare PC Cleaner is the successor to the company’s previous product, SpeedZooka, that marveled beyond just being a registry cleaner; the company decided to bundle all of its various PC optimization solutions into a single program that not only looks great but behaves very well, too.

While its name may still suggest that it’s only for cleaning your system, its extensive range of features is the first sign that this is in fact a complete PC optimization suite. The free version of ZookaWare is limited to only performing scans, while the Professional version unlocks the program’s full power and its true experience as one of the best computer optimization solutions in the world. It’s the software’s freedom that really impresses, as well as its user friendly functionality providing the opportunity to tune the program to detect and eliminate exactly the elements that you want to target.

This means it’s possible to wipe out empty keys and other registry components so it becomes less fragmented or discover how many tracking cookies your browsers have created and remove them. Likewise, the software allows for the deactivation of any programs that activate on startup, the complete removal of file or service leftovers, scheduling of scans and much more. Scanning Just like pretty much everything about the entire ZookaWare service, scanning is easy and runs as smooth as new tires. Regardless of whether you have a brand new computer or a years-old machine, when scanning with ZookaWare PC Cleaner there are rarely ever high levels of CPU usage, meaning the system is still usable during the process. But even before starting it is possible to specify exactly what the program should target by ticking relevant boxes. Obviously this will dictate not only the time it takes for the scanning to complete but how many files are analyzed too, which is another good example of how the program can be customized to your preferences.

ZookaWare PC Cleaner Scanning in Progress By default, ZookaWare will scan everything and it’s probably better to keep it that way to ensure no errors will be overlooked. The scanning capabilities of the software are impressive: during our tests it took ZookaWare only two to three minutes to scan almost 66,000 objects, which translated into 905MB worth of cleanable data. Since scans can also be scheduled and the program will work away automatically, ZookaWare means there’s no need for bother or interference from you. Flight Simulator S Full Version there.

Repairing Scanning is as far as a free trial account will take you, and although the service would be improved considerably by having just one free repair so potential customers could get a taste of ZookaWare PC Cleaner’s full feature set, the same is true of many other comparative programs and so it’s hard to point fingers at ZookaWare specifically. With this aside, ZookaWare’s repair function is just as good as its scanning and actually works pretty much the same way. The moment scanning is complete the results page will be presented alongside the option to choose to either wipe everything at once or manually select the items that you think should be fixed. The errors found are presented in different categories – like ActiveX/COM Issues, missing DLLs, and empty key references – and it’s here within each that specific problems can easily be manually analyzed and resolved.