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Visit's Norman Mailer Page and shop for all Norman Mailer books. Check out pictures, bibliography, and biography of Norman Mailer. Mailer was one of Major Henry West's soldiers, who was infected two days before Jim, Hannah and Selena arrived at the Worsley House. During the Original Outbreak of the Rage Virus, Mailer was among the soldiers sent to cover the Forty-Second Blockade protecting Manchester, defending it against. Mailer-daemon is an email server designed to deliver email messages to designated recipients. When a mailer-daemon message is delivered to an inbox, it usually indicates that an email message sent from the inbox could not be delivered. One may receive a mailer-daemon delivery failure notice for.

Zombie “ This is Mailer. He was Infected three days ago. „ ~ Henry West introduces Mailer to Jim. Mailer is one of and an antagonist in. He is one of 's men and was Infected in the middle of the Outbreak. He is played by Marvin Campbell.

Biography Mailer was among the many soldiers led by Major sent to the Forty-Second Blockade put up to defend the city of Manchester from when the broke out in Great Britain. But the Infected eventually overran the barricade, killing or infecting all the soldiers except Mailer and nine others. Mailer and the other soldiers abandoned their post at the blockade and fled to the Worsley House in the woods where they fended off attacks from Infected with military traps and firepower. On day 23 of the outbreak, Major Henry West promised his soldiers that any female survivors they rescued would be forced into sexual slavery to rebuild and repopulate the destroyed United Kingdom.

On day 29 of the Outbreak, Mailer was Infected. Luckily, before he could kill or infect any of his fellow soldiers, Corporal Mitchell managed to knocked him unconscious. And he was later chained up in the backyard of the Worsley House. Mailer probably disagreed with West about rebuilding by rape, and thus West had no worries about chaining him up outside and essentially letting him starve to death. Mailer was given food each day but, to the soldiers' surprise, he ignored it. Gta V Installer. This proved the Infected didn't eat.

He was also constantly drooling blood. His capture was useful to the men, it gave them a chance to study the Infected, and, in West's words, 'tell them how long it takes for the Infected to starve to death.' 28 Days Later Mailer first appears when Major Henry West introduces him to Jim. Mailer tries to trick Jim by entrancing him, but tries to attack him.

West tells Jim that Mailer is 'futureless' and leaves with Jim. Later that night, after West's rape plan is exposed, and Jim is unsuccessfully executed, and he escapes West and Davis, Jim shoots the chains binding Mailer to the yard with Davis' rifle (who he had murdered earlier). Mailer stares at Jim (possibly as some form of gratitude) and shrieks in anger towards the Worsley House.

Jones is unnerved by Mailer's screams; but Mitchell disregards the noises as thunder and lightning. Hannah (still under the effect of the sleeping pills) begins making prophetic claims about Davis and Henry (who went searching for Jim at the blockade)'s deaths and that Jones, Mitchell, and were next.

Pivot Animator 4 here. Clifton is then ambushed through the window by Mailer. He vomits 2 mouthfuls of blood onto Clifton's bare face, infecting him. After the others flee the room, Clifton emerges from the floor as an Infected. He then aids Mailer in his rampage through the Worsley House.

Mailer chases Major West into the house's cellar; and Mitchell sends Bedford to kill him. As Mailer searches for the cowering Jones (who was hiding in a cupboard), Bedford appears and arrogantly begins to taunt Mailer before shooting him. This proved to be a fatal mistake, as Clifton ambushes Bedford from the right. He and Mailer then proceed to drag the flailing, defenseless Bedford onto the table and snap his neck and maul him to death (while Major West hides and cries in horror). He later appears after Jim murders Jones trying to escape the Worsley House. Clifton and Mailer pursue Jim, but give up after he hides in a switching wall. Mailer and Clifton next appear after Jim discovers the cowering Bell hiding in the house's nursery after running out of ammunition.