Fastestfox For Chrome 2016

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How to Make Google Chrome 200%. You can buy in 2016 [4K] a better experience with Chrome. It’s called FastestFox. Speed up browsing when using Chrome with this free add-on. Some FastestFox devotees will be disappointed if Endless Pages doesn't work for them. This extension increases your internet browsing speed by predicting and downloading content automatically a head of you.

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Fastestfox For Chrome 2016

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There used to be an extension called fastestchrome that was exactly like fastestfox, but it got removed for whatever reason. What alternative is there to fastestfox for chrome at the moment? The features I'm looking for are: • Getting a definition or brief wikipedia entry when highlighting a word • When highlighting a word, show three buttons, one for Google, YouTube, and Wikipedia and open them in a new tab • Make all links clickable. On some sites links are displayed as text and you have to copy and paste it in the address bar, but fastestchrome would make them clickable All those features were part of fastestchrome.

Does anyone know of a good alternative to fastestchrome or better yet have the fastestchrome extension downloaded?