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It is very simple to use. It helps me easily backup and sync files between computers. It also helps build a dropbox-like system or internal private cloud storage by utilizing in. Backup Cow can transform your networked computers into a private cloud that acts as your private dropbox. You can backup, synchronize, encrypt and share your files across LAN or Internet/Intranet. We checked Backup Cow for scam and fraud. Our comprehensive review will show you if Backupcow is legit and whether it is safe. In this post, let's analyze the best way of handling VMware Backup and why some snapshot methodologies are not designed for Businesses.

This software can be your backup & Sync software, internal private cloud builder, and file tranfer and file sharing tool. Here are the key features: Private Cloud Storage Builder: Transform network computers to be a private cloud. Cloud users can decide whether they share their under-utilized diskspace as cloud storage or not. Any users can be either a cloud storage contributor or consumer or both. Reliable Backup Tool: Back up your files and folders to available cloud nodes.

Backup copy quantity can be increased to any number. Redo backup tasks automatically in the cloud if a cloud node has a malfunction. File Syncronization: Monitor any changes in source files or folders for each backup item Automatically synchronize the sources files and backups every any desired time interval. Backup Encryption: Encrypt backups with a pre-set password. Encrytion passowrd is required for cloud users to obtain encrypted files. Restore Files Anywhere: Restore all files and folders on any cloud user computers.

Check file availability in the cloud. Network Backup Solutions: Back up your computer files to the private cloud via LAN (Local Area Network) or Internet/Intranet.

Cloud nodes (or users) can connect together either by LAN, or joining a virtual netowrk group, or direct remote access (inputting ip/domain and tcp port number). Easy File Search and Access: Search all backups and sources files with a powerful filter. Download or obtain files from any cloud nodes. Cloud Security and Identity: Only allow computers with a same security ID number to connect together to form a cloud. Data Transfer Management: File Transfer and file sharing: Transfer files from pc to pc. Share files and folders.

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Not all snapshots are created equal. We have many customers who contact us about and get this question very often, “Why is your way of backing up VMware is more efficient than others?”. This triggered us to write a blog post detailing how Vembu Backup & Disaster Recovery product performs VMware Backup. For starters, most companies that offer VMware Backup uses APIs provided by VMware for performing snapshots.

There are two ways snapshots can be created (Copy on Write) and (Redirect on Write). Some of the leading vendors in the VMware backup domain perform COW based snapshots for backing up the data. Now the problem with this approach is that it works good only for smaller VMs. Problems starts to sprout typically when the VM size is larger – more than 5 TB or if some applications are running inside the VM like Exchange or SQL. Many customers have faced hard time in backing up Applications inside VMs. Most of the problems are related to backups not being ‘Application Aware’. When you need to perform VM snapshot, you should also make sure that all VSS writers are invoked and applications should be requested to commit their transactions so that a ‘Application Aware’ snapshot can be performed.

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If not you will end with corrupted applications or database. Now both COW and ROW snapshots helps you perform application aware backups, but COW snapshots have to be kept open till the applications complete committing their transactions. TrueCrypt.

During COW snapshots, a dummy snapshot is created and then data from snapshot as and when applications commit transactions is continuously written to this dummy snapshot. The more time this COW snapshot remains open, the more IO and system resources it’s going to use. So imagine an Exchange Server of size greater than 5 TB running thousands of Mailboxes. In this situation, the COW based backups is either going to be terribly slow or fail big time. Vembu BDR’s ROW Snapshot With Vembu BDR we utilize ROW (Redirect-on-Write) snapshots. According to Net-app, “By design a RoW snapshot is optimized for maximum write performance so that any changes/updates are redirected to new blocks. Instead of writing one copy of the original data to a snapshot reserved space plus a copy of the changed data that is required with CoW, RoW writes only the changed data to new blocks”.